Special Events

There have been many events to celebrate KKFI’s accomplishments. Here are some of them.

In 2018 a wonderful celebration took place at historic Folly Theater, downtown Kansas City.

Folly Theater 30 Year Anniversary

Volunteer Recognition Blue Room 2018

KKFI Collaborations event in 2017 was an extravaganza by artists and volunteers featuring a night of innovative original music, film, and dance

Jeannie Jaspers celebrated KKFI’s 25th anniversary & the Coffee House Radio Show, 2013. She is missed.

In 2011, the original KKFI transmitter was failing. Money had to be raised to pay for a new one. One of the special events used to raise money was a program with author Jim Hightower, “America’s number one populist” whose show “Hightower Radio” airs on KKFI.

The fifth anniversary was at Drexel Hall in at 31st and Main in Kansas City. There is a VHS video which has yet to be converted for the Internet.

5th Anniversary Poster, 1993

The First anniversary of the station in 1989 had a whole day of events featuring diverse artists from all over Kansas City artists!

1989 Anniversary Flyer

. . . and an awesome poster!

First day on the air – February 28, 1988. The video, the program!