Articles and Links About Community Radio

From Radio Regen in Manchester, England:

“Why start a community radio station?

Before another word is said, we should warn you: Community radio will get into your blood. It may well stay there like an exotic parasitic disease, an itch to be constantly scratched. It may sap every last drop of your energy, wake you up in the middle of the night, drag you out of bed and turn your hair grey. So why on earth should anyone do it?

We think you should do it because it can enable your community to change itself, to realise its full potential.

We think you should do it because it is extraordinary fun. It is extraordinary satisfying not just to make radio like no-one else is making, but to help transform your community itself while you do it.”

1988 Transamerica Article – Everyone at the Microphone.

1986 Article on Lorenzo Milam, Broadcasting Magazine

Community Radio Founder

1982 Article on Community Radio – Christian Science Monitor.

1979 Article on Community Radio from PTR.

1977 NFCB Community Radio Article

The Pacifica network is a group of stations, founded by Lew Hill from Kansas City in the 40’s. These stations continue to play an important role in community radio and were helpful during KKFI’s struggle with an attempted take-over of the station in the early 2000’s.

The National Federation of Community Broadcasters founded in 1978 has helped many community radio stations get on and stay on the air.

Prometheus Radio Project works to get low-power community radio stations going.

The World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters, AMARC, is based in Canada. It is one of the international community radio organizations. KKFI members have gone to some of their conferences.

A list of some community Radio Stations around the world:

A good article in 2001 from from Lorenzo Milam about how National Public Radio has become “National Private Radio”.