Welcome to KKFI’s Story!

KKFI started broadcasting as a 100,000-watt FM station on 90.1 on the FM dial in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, February 28th, 1988 at about 10:00 AM. KKFI observes its anniversary every year with many events.

This website celebrates the work of hundreds of volunteers and the contributions of thousands of listeners who have kept KKFI going through the years.  It chronicles some of the history, facts, and, interesting anecdotes about the struggle to get the community radio station going and keep it on the air.

This is a bare-bones record of the accomplishments of hundreds of non-paid volunteers who kept the dream of community radio alive. Many deserve recognition and it is hoped that they will add to this history website with their own stories of the stories to start and keep community radio going in Kansas city.

In this website there are newsletters, program guides, photos, posters, video clips of the first day of broadcast and anniversaries, and audio MP3s of material broadcast on KKFI. The record is incomplete, but will be added-to as new material emerges.

Fact of the Day

The struggle to put KKFI on the air started in earnest in 1981 when negotiations had to happen with KTSR, the Nazarene station; KGSP, at Park College; and KIEE, a commercial station. The long and drawn out legal work with KTSR will be placed on the KKFISTORY site soon for people to read. It is an amazing story. The letter below highlights attempted negotiation with the Nazarene station which ultimately ended up with them going off the air.

KTSR’s non response helped it become doomed as a radio station.

Ancient Text Discovered!

Recently, when excavating a tomb below the KKFI tower, archaeologists discovered what appeared to be a primitive text about radio. After translation, this is what it looked like: