KKFI Program Guides

A program guide is a publication containing information about the radio station, articles about community radio, a copy of KKFI’s program schedule, and information about KKFI’s programmers and shows.

Program guides are different from newsletters which usually contain only a couple of pages and don’t have detailed information or advertising.

The first program guide for KKFI was created in the Spring of 1988, after the burst of enthusiasm that happened when the station finally went on the air in 1988. Several volunteers became involved producing it including Kevin Dowd, Matt Quinn, Tish Hinton, Ann Eads, and Syd Baker. It was a multi-page magazine-style publication.

Originally, the program guides were published on a quarterly basis. Next, the Fall, 1988 Radio Wave program guide.

To pay for the early program guides, they were self-sustaining – volunteers sold advertising space in the publication to community groups and area companies. The final 1988 program guide was published in December.

The Spring, 1989 Radio Wave celebrated KKFI’s first birthday on the air!

The Next Radio wave was published for the Summer of 1989.

The Radio Wave for the Fall of 1989.

The Radio Wave, Winter, 1989.

1990 Radio Wave, summer edition.

1990 Radio Wave, winter edition.

1991 Program Guide.

1992 Program Guide

1995 Program Guide.

The 1999 Program guide. put together largely by Linda Wilson, expanded to rival the early program guides in length,