2002 History

Many radio programs, some related to minority issues, were listed by Friends of Community Radio, as endangered or extinct.

Friends of Community Radio Newsletter February, 2002

Friends of Community Radio and listeners started raising money with other events, flyers, newsletters, and T-Shirts – in earnest for the needed upcoming battles in court.

On February 15th of 2002, Amy Goodman of “Democracy Now” whose show had been moved to 10 PM away from drive time, performed a benefit at All-Souls Unitarian Church in Kansas City. The purpose was to raise money FCM to mount a legal challenge that would restore the democratic process to KKFI.

In April, 2002 after seeking the help of Lawyer Robin Martinez and Aldo Caller, eight members of Friends of Community Radio filed a lawsuit in the Circuit Court of Jackson County to overturn decisions made by the current management of the station. A 19-page legal document was filed with the court (Which will be put on this website at a later date).

One of the things that the general manager (GM) did in August, 2002 was to institute an 14-page “volunteer contract” that all people involved with KKFI had to sign. This took away rights and became an instrument of control which the GM could use at his discretion.

In September, Friends of Community Radio warned about this contract and its implications to people involved with KKFI.

Friends of Community Radio Newsletter April, 2002

Friends of Community Radio Newsletter May, 2002