1985 History

With the end of 1984, after several years, the path now seemed clear for be a community radio station to operate in Kansas City.

It became very difficult after the 1970’s to start a new community radio station in a major metropolitan area, and there are several large cities which do not have one.

Kansas City was very lucky to get a radio station going in the 80’s after so many hurdles to cross.

The media started taking notice of what was going on.

Radio Waves Newsletter January, 1985

The grant from the Department of Commerce for $ 204,000 was approved and received – as outlined in the newsletter!

Radio Waves Newsletter October, 1985

When Mid-Coast (MCR) received the notice that the application for a construction permit had been approved, one of the tasks ahead was to choose call-letters for the station. So a Broadcasting Yearbook was pulled out and stations were listed which could be used for call letters. With a vigorous debate at a board meeting, several choices were proposed – notable KARP (which is the indigenous fish on the Mid-Coast), but no one could agree. So — with no decision, the FCC decided to assign the new station with the letters KKFI.

The original 1985 sheet check-off list is below:

As Mid-Coast got closer to actually getting on the air, a letter of recommendation was received from the Mayor of Kansas City.

1985 Mid-Coast fact Sheets.