1982 History

Mid-Coast Radio began to attract leaders in the community, and an advisory council was set up to assist the organization.

In January, the media columnist for the Kansas City Star wrote an article about the radio station that Mid-Coast wanted to put on the air.

Since Mid-Coast had to raise a lot of money to provide a partial match to the PTFP/NTIA equipment grant it wished to apply for, money needed to be raised. So, a case-statement was created in February, 1982. A case statement is the for support of an organization and is the core document of any fundraising campaign, like capital or endowment campaigns. Mid-Coast’s case statement included its mission, vision and values.

In 1982, a history of the Mid-Coast Radio Project was created to increase public awareness and help in fundraising.

1982 Radio Waves newsletter – first quarter.

1982 Radio Waves newsletter Second Quarter

April fundraising benefit at All Souls Unitarian.

Some Minutes from 1982

February Minutes

March Minutes

May Minutes