1988 History On-Air At Last!

Celebrating on-air KKFI after 11 years

After 11 years of work, Mid-Coast Radio finally put KKFI on the air!

1988 On-Air Announcement Flyer

A great party was held at the site of the new studios at the Mainmark Building. The first connection to the transmitter and radio tower was done over phone lines since no “studio-tower-link” had been set up yet.

The first radio programs were recorded on a reel-to-reel tape recorder produced in temporary basement studios. The tapes were then taken out to the tower location and played back on an identical tape recorder to the transmitter which broadcast the shows.

The Basement Studio from KC Star article

This was the first program schedule – at first the station only went on the air from 10 in the morning and signed off (to the song “Route 66”) at 10 PM. A year later, KKFI would expand to a full 24-hour schedule.

First on-air program guide put together by Kevin Dowd, Matt Quinn, and a whole crew of KKFI volunteers!

1988 Program Guide September/November.

1988 Program Guide December.